A place that
supports women
& their families


A Place That Helps Growth

Our qualified practitioners are passionate about enhancing your life and those important to you.  We are committed to addressing your personal concerns, promoting your mental wellness and building your resilience.

We strive to restore your confidence and help you understand what it is to be healthier inside and out.  Our team seeks to support you through change, empower you with knowledge and guide you to the best outcomes to maintain stability.

Teaching you or your child long lasting skills, exploring a different way forward and providing tools to improve life is our forte.

Be where you gain full support

As women we do it all.  We deserve a safe environment to be held, to learn life skills and strategies to help ourselves and our family. The Upside Collective is a group of women who ‘get’ women. We understand your challenges and are here to assist you.

The Upside Collective potentially provides you and your loved ones support in many areas plus are able to refer to other Canberra services. 
The Speech Nook

Providing play-based speech and language assessment and intervention. Helping children develop their language skills, literacy, fluency and speech.

The Upside of Me Counselling

Bringing clarity and hope to your situation. Professional counselling and workplace coaching to listen to you and teach new ways of overcoming life’s hurdles.

Pura Vida Behavioural Nutrition

Improving your relationship with food. With colleague Kristen, helping women and their families approach healthy eating in a non-diet, weight neutral way.

Pura Vida Behavioural Nutrition

Kristen joins Pura Vida’s other accredited dietitian and nutritionist Juliana, to empower and support people to respect and reconnect with themselves, food and nature. 

Symmetry Mediation

Working with children to bring their voice into the mediation process.  Offering property and parenting mediations, s60I certificates, parenting plans and property agreement plans.

The Collaborative Mediator

Family Dispute Resolution and Collaborative practitioner that coordinates a team of lawyers, financial advisors, child practitioners and counsellors to support separating families.

A safe space to share

The Upside Collective is a light, warm and welcoming space centrally located in Manuka.